The Ultimate Guide for Buying Dog Gear for Extensive Traveling!

Dogs love outdoor activities, and depending on the fitness levels of your pooch, you can plan a lot of travels and journeys, right from beach vacations to hiking. Before you start packing bags, you need to get a few things for your dog. As we have termed it – The essential dog gear. Here are the things you will need.

  • A good leash. Well, some pet owners do take their dogs on a run without the leash, which isn’t a safe idea, especially if you are traveling beyond the dog’s familiar area. Get a leash that’s at least four feet long, and the material should be as durable as possible, so that you can control the animal.
  • A multipurpose harness. There are some specific options like Ruffwear Dog Adventure Harness that you can try in this category. Basically, you don’t buy a dog backpack and a harness separately. Instead, you get a harness that’s designed to take some basic load, so that the dog can carry its basic essentials like water and treat.
  • A collar with a tag. Now, if your dog already has a microchip, this isn’t something that you should be bothered about. However, you do need a collar tag, which can be attached to the harness, as well. In case the dog is lost, you can get lucky in your search.

  • A set of boots. There are fancy shoes and boots for dogs, which can be actually necessary for rough terrains. Besides protecting the paws, boots can also offer additional cushioning for walks and runs. Just make sure that your pooch is used to the shoes, because some dogs don’t enjoy wearing them.

Other things to have

  • A kit of medicines. Some dogs are prone to motion sickness, while some others have other issues related to fitness. Depending on the medical conditions of your dog, keep a kit handy at all times.
  • Mix of dry and wet food. If you are going for activities like hiking, your dog is going to need more hydration. Besides water, you can also set food, which can be quite useful in boosting the hydration rate.

  • Extra clothes. Well, in rainy season, you might need an all-weather coat for the dog. Just make sure that the material is light and easy to dry, so that the animal is not bogged down by the weight.

Shopping for your pooch can be quite fun!

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